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My Kpop Dream

Hey! This my personal blog, here I post and reblog K-pop news and photos...Here are some kpop groups that i like: SHINee, Snsd, 2pm, F(x), Super Junior, 4minute, Ukiss, Wonder Girls, Mblaq, ChoColat, Infinite, 2NE1, Exo, Miss A, Nu'est, Kara, 2am, T-ara, Teen Top, After School, Beast,, B1A4, IU, B.A.P, A pink, Big Bang,Sistar, C.N.Blue, Secret, Nine muses, Rania, Se7en, B.E.G, Dbsk, Evol, AOA, Crayon Pop. Please Follow me if you like my Blog, and you can also request for your special post of "Know More About Kpop" sending me an ask ^_^


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